16 Aug 19	A bit of a change up for today's macro/close-up in that Jan selected - much to my surprise - a creative version of a strand of bleeding heart.  We planted a group of 5 small plants about 4 years ago. They now have grown to a group of 5 large clumpings and occupy a fair portion of the front entrance side garden over shadowed by a hardy fuchsia that we almost lost last winter but with a serious bit of pruning came roaring back. Both are very attractive and the fuchsia supplants our hummingbird feeders when we get lazy. Meanwhile the bleeding heart just keep blooming their hearts out. While the front is just the pinkish variety, we have them plus white and red in the back. They are pretty hardy and I believe grow in more than half the U.S. climate zones so if you don't have them in your garden it might be worth purchasing a couple of plants to see how they do.<br />
<br />
Other than the creative conversion this is what the camera recorded.  By Georgia  Nikon D500; 105 mm macro; Aperture Priority;  ISO 200; 1/60 sec @ f / 9 with fill flash.