06 Jan 20	Today we'll take a look at what might make a good puzzle with perhaps 10,000 pieces; most ALL of them moving.  Well, perhaps not the actual pieces moving but the subjects thereon. Imagine having a flock of between 10 and 50 thousand birds frequenting your property for the better part of 5 months per year. One thing for certain is that you wouldn't have to worry yourself about fertilizing the land. Even better, you would likely get a great show put on for you daily as predators disturbed the flock causing them to simultaneously take to flight and zigzagging back and forth in front of you. It's a show that's hard to describe, let alone appreciate, until you've seen it in person. Since we've yet to make the trip this year thought I'd grab a shot from an earlier time when the flock numbered around 20,000 birds. If you have some time on your hands and need something to pass the time, have a go at counting the birds.<br />
<br />
Other than a little cropping off the top of just boring sky and a small amount of dodging and burning, this is straight from the camera. As a Puzzle Candidate  Nikon D300;  18 - 200; Aperture Priority;  ISO 200; 1/1250 sec @ f / 7.1.